Prezioso Linjebygg Workshop

Dar es Salaam. The Association of Tanzania Oil & Gas Service Providers (ATOGS) held a workshop today for members to meet representatives from Prezioso Linjebygg, a leading international provider of a range of multidisciplinary technical and engineering services, principally for the Oil and Gas and Power Generation sectors. Prezioso Linjebygg is one of the prospective bidders in the work to be carried out in the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project.

Some of the scope of work expected to be covered by the company that would provide opportunities for members to participate includes;

• Recruitment and training
• Manpower contractors
• Logistics – transportation – customs
• Catering
• Lodging – camps & accommodation
• Building, warehouse, workshop and offices
• Equipment – cranes – forklifts – trucks & cars
• Civil works, Site preparation, concrete slab, access roads, sewage & drainage, fencing
• E&I/ IT / HVAC / power generation supply
• Blasting & coating, insulation
• Security & safety

Members in attendance were invited to contact the company directly to express interest in areas they would wish to potentially work with Prezioso Linjebygg should they be successful in the bidding process in the project.

Video coverage of the workshop in Swahili can be found here.