The Government of Angola has said it is ready for engagement with Tanzania on planning and implementation of a railway project to link its port of Lobito to Dar es salaam so as to boost trade between the two countries and create jobs for their citizens.

Angola’s ambassador to Tanzania, Sandro De Oliviera, disclosed the plan at the occassion to mark the country’s 45th independence anniversary held in Dar es salaam.

He said currently, the largest part of goods transportation takes place by land, where certain patches are difficult for the users due to the bad roads, especially during the rainy season.

He said the referred railway corridor will connect the important ports of Lobito and Dar es salaam, allowing the transit of goods from and to the markets in America, Asia and Europe that utilise the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, respectively.

“Angola is ready to carry out at least two experimental trips, as soon as the logistical and institutional conditions are created, for which we count on Tanzania’s collaboration in these efforts, he said”

Olivieira hinted that Angolan economy has an enormous potential of underexplored natural resources in the sectors of Agriculture and Livestock, extractive and manufacturing industries, fishing, tourism, energy, water, transport, logistics, civil construction among others

“We want to count on the Tanzania experience and investment in aforementioned sectors which possess great feasibility and strong probabilities of profitable returns, thus supporting the creation of competitive domestic industries, ” he stated.

“We are working towards the creation of Tanzania-Angola business forum, whose first edition should take in Dar es salaam in May next year. It is a priority initiative for us because it will establish a platform for direct interaction of business people from both countries, ” he added.

According to him, the director for Africa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Co-operation, Makamba Dahari said that Tanzania is ready to strengthen its diplomatic economy for the mutual benefit of the people in the two countries.

He said the increase of intra-Africa trade was the only viable way to achieve economic independence adding that will help to open more new employment opportunities whether direct or indirect from the investment.

“As embassy, our noble mission is to contribute to the ever-increasing betterment of relation between the two countries and to increment the extremely low levels of trade exchanges, giving way to a greater movement of people and goods among sectors that promote development for social wellbeing of our people, “he insisted

Earlier in his presentation, Nguza Mauricio, the Counselor-Business affairs in Angola said that there was a huge potential, social economic stability and political will. The counselor said there are specific investment opportunities like agriculture, vegetable production and fisheries. Others are textile, hospitality, basic sanitation collection, tourism, production and distribution of electricity, education and reforastation.

“We are looking for external expansion opportunities, new markets for the exports of goods and services. international partnerships and openings to finance profitable projects and or ventures”, he explained.