3rd Oil and Gas Congress

The vision for Tanzania’s industrialization powered by Oil & Gas is renewed once again in this year’s 3rd Tanzania Oil and Gas Congress to be held at Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) on the 2nd – 3rd October this year. 

The Theme for this year’s Congress is “Promoting Local Content, Partnership Creation and Capacity Building”

The Congress will bring together government and industry stakeholders and will be used to create partnerships between local and international companies.

We invite all our members and the Tanzanian Private Sector to take part in this year’s Oil & Gas Congress to see the opportunities that will come from different anticipated Projects in Tanzania.

Below is the official event flyer detailing what to expect in this year’s congress. If you have any query or needing any further information concerning this event please contact araza@thecwcgroup.com 

Regional Sensitization Campaign

On August ATOGS Embarked on a 13 day Regional Sensitization campaign of #Jenga Uelewa, Ongeza Ushiriki !

We visited in 8 regions, 24 districts and 134 counties showcasing Business Opportunities, share information about the EACOP project, standards, accreditation, health & safety as well as other opportunities available during and after the construction of $3.5 billion crude oil pipeline.

Our team comprised of ATOGS, NEEC, EACOP, Total, GIZ, TCCIA have completed an equivalent of amore than 3,210 kilometers from Daresalaam, Singida,Tabora,Shinyanga, Geita, Manyara and Tanga.

The Regional Sensitization meetings are a public-private engagement platform which aimed at fostering new opportunities and equiping Tanzanians with the skills for potential employment. It featured a keynote address by the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled- Hon Jenista Mhagama during the inauguration Ceremony in Dodoma, wide range of themes and topics were also presented by institutions taking part.

Our sincere appreciation to our sponsors Freight Forwarders for sponsoring the entire ground logistics and accommodation to ensure this project is a success. Thank you and also appreciation to our colleagues at ATOGS, our partners, all Regional and District Commissioners, religious leaders, citizens and everyone who have taken part in our campaign.

We sincere appreciate all your support, contribution and cooperation

Jenga Uelewa, Ongeza Ushiriki !

ATOGS/BOSCH Business opportunities Workshop 23rd July 2019

Yesterday 23rd July 2019.
ATOGS led by our Chairman Hon. Abdulsamad Abdulrahim in collaboration with Bosch Group held a High Level Stakeholders Roundtable meeting at Hyatt Regency Hotel to showcase business investments, opportunities, products and Assembly plant in Tanzania. Delegation led by The President of Bosch & Members of the Board of Management and Technical team.

Bosch Group is eyeing to invest in home gas heater manufacturing and construction of automobile inspection centers in Tanzania. The Cost efficient gas heaters can be used to domestic use in kitchens and bathrooms, in hospitals, hotels and real estate complexes. the plant is expected to be a hub that will serve East African countries.

Speaking yesterday during the meeting, ATOGS Co-founder and Chairman Hon. Abdulsamad Abdulrahim highlighted that the aim of the meeting was to create potential sustainable partnerships between the Bosch group and local Tanzanian firms,

Bosch Group is a multinational engineering company and electronics company whose core operating areas are spread along four business sectors namely mobility solutions, consumer goods including household appliances and power tools, industrial technology and building technology. It has invested in 13 countries in Africa and Tanzania is their latest destination. Bosch has a presence in South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya among others.

In attendance at the meeting were representatives from Government and Private sector institutions including, TIC, TPDC, TCCIA, TPSF, CRB, TCCA, EWURA, TAA, TCAA, ERB, CRB, Oil and Gas Companies (IOCs) among few.

ATOGS Exploring Partnership with Brazil through the 10 day Trade Mission

A delegation of businessmen accompanied by esteemed Government officials from Tanzania, alongside with the Honorary Consul of Brazil to Zanzibar and also Ag. Chairman of Tanzania Oil & Gas Service Providers (ATOGS), Hon. Abdulsamad Abdulrahim who is the head and orchestrated the Trade Mission, getting a picture together with the Vice President and other senior Executives of Petrobras (The Brazilian State Oil & Gas Company) after a constructive meeting between the two parties targeting prospecting collaborations. The meeting was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Petrobras was lucidly open that there aren’t any investments ought to be made in Tanzania on oil & gas exploration, however, they have shown keen interests in collaborating with Hon Abdulsamad through the Association of Tanzania Oil & Gas Service Providers (ATOGS) on assisting with the construction of capacity builders within the country. Furthermore, Petrobras in all likelihood promised to offer Human Development assistance possible through training and scholarships as well as assisting with market penetration opportunities for their products.

On his side, Hon. Abdulsamad urged Petrobras to invest in Tanzania in other areas such as Wind power, Solar and other renewable source of energy to support the country vision in industrialization. He also urged them to seize the opportunities that Tanzania and its unquestionable vastly developing market has to offer in sectors such as:

  • Domestic Production & Marketing of Liquefied Natural Gas (LPG)
  • Domestic Manufacturing of LPG cylinders
  • Retail distribution less expensive gas burners to eradicate charcoal consumption
  • The initiation of processing plants as well as industries for the production of refined mineral oil, petroleum jelly and grease
  • The initiation of LNG Projects and Crude oil refining with efficient export facilities.

Additionally, Hon. Abdulsamad ushered a formal invitation to Petrobras Executive Management to the Tanzania for the Oil & Gas Congress which is to be held on the 2nd & 3rd October 2019 for them to offer their experience on best practice on the industry.

After the meeting was concluded, the delegation got the opportunity to meet with Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP) which was founded more than 62 years ago. The company has unparalleled experience when it comes to restricting, standardization, marketing, market sustainability & scalability, research and expert moulding in the industry of Oil & Gas in Brazil. IBP was overall impressed by Hon. Abdulsamad by his consistent efforts to ensure the Tanzanians are equipped with the technical know-how, equal opportunities and presented with the right mentality to ensure self progression.

IBP has shown the willingness and readiness to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between them and The Association of Tanzania Oil & Gas Service Providers (ATOGS) on capacity building, equipping the locals with the technical know-how, providing scholarships on Oil & Gas as well as collaborations on elevating the talents of Tanzanians when it comes to Standardization and Certification of Inspection Services. The Memorandum of Understanding will be signed once all preparations have been made from both parties in the near future.

The Oil & Gas Business Opportunities Conference on 28-29th March 2018

The Association of Uganda Oil & Gas Service Providers (AUGOS) in collaboration with Association of Tanzania Oil & Gas Service Providers (ATOGS) will be hosting a Local Content Stakeholders’ Dialogue Conference which will be held on 28th-29th March 2018 at Hotel Africana in Kampala under the theme “Unlocking local content opportunities in the oil and gas sector”

The dialogue will discuss opportunities for cross border trade resulting from the Uganda-Tanzania crude oil pipeline. The East African Crude Oil Pipeline is under construction and will transport crude oil from Uganda’s oil fields to Tanga. There’s a general consensus that more needs to be done for Ugandan and Tanzanian Service Providers in terms of information sharing, capacity building, tender transparency as well as national participation.

There are contracts and opportunities worth approx. 12 billion dollars for the upstream and midstream projects. Join the #OilGasDialogue and learn how you can take advantage of these opportunities because this is your chance!

Join us to learn more about how to tap into existing business opportunities in the oil and gas industry.  

Register via asd.augos.org

Click here to know more about the Itinerary for AUGOS Program

Kongamano Kujadili Fursa za Biashara katika Bomba la Mafuta Ghafi

Makala ya Kongamano la wadau wa sekta binafsi kujadili fursa za kibiashara katika mradi wa bomba la mafuta ghafi kutoka Uganda hadi Tanzania. Kongamano hili lililoratibiwa na baraza la Taifa la uwezeshaji(NEEC), lilifanyika mnamo tarehe 23/02/2018, katika ukumbi wa Kilimanjaro wa Benki Kuu ya Tanzania(BOT). Kongamano hili lilifunguliwa na Waziri wa Nchi ofisi ya waziri Mkuu Mhe. Jenista Mhagama aliyekuwa mgeni rasmi.

Joint meeting to discuss Tanzania’s Private Sector Participation in EACOP

On February 27, 2018, A joint meeting will be held with Ewura, TPSF and Atogs on the East African Crude Oil Pipeline.

CB & I Corporate Presentation

This presentation contains forward-looking statements regarding CB&I and represents our expectations and beliefs concerning future events.



Global Leader in Pipes for the Oil & Gas Industry

tenaris_institutional_presentation 2018

ATOGS signs MoU with AUGOS

Dar es Salaam. The Association of Tanzania Oil and Gas Service Providers (ATOGS) and its Ugandan counterpart, the Association of Uganda Oil & Gas Providers (AUGOS), today signed a memorandum of understanding agreement for cooperation to facilitate local content maximisation in the Oil and Gas sector, beginning with the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project.

Press coverage of this monumental step for ATOGS can be found here and here.