Message from the Chairman

Hon Abdulsamad Abdulrahim Chairman of The Association of Tanzania Oil and Gas Service Providers (ATOGS)

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Association of Tanzania Oil & Gas Service Providers (ATOGS).

ATOGS was created in June 2017 to represent the interests of our local goods and service providers as they position themselves to participate fully in the emerging Oil and Gas sector value chain. The association works to solve common challenges for the members and to strengthen the competitiveness of the local goods & service providers

The Association aimed at supporting the development of entrepreneurship in the Oil and Gas sector and in recognition of the opportunities that lie ahead for local companies off the back of the large gas deposit discoveries in Tanzania (LNG), the new Uganda to Tanzania crude oil pipeline (EACOP) and the aspiration for development of Gas distribution networks in major cities.

Our main goal is to ensure our members access as much information and updates as possible about our Association and activities in the Oil and Gas sector in Tanzania. ATOGS aims at ensuring that there is effective method of
communication between the Government of Tanzania, stakeholders and the wider society which will benefit all the players and enhance the contribution of the Oil and Gas sector in the development of our country.

With little over 2 years since inception, the Association has united over 80 major players in the oil-gas and energy complex, including mining and transport, service and security, manufacturing, engineering, human resources and other transnational companies.
Closely interacting with state bodies, business representatives and public sector, to promote sustainable development of the oil-gas and energy complexes of the United Republic of Tanzania.

ATOGS’s mission can only be accomplished with close cooperation with our members and various stakeholders such as the Government, public institution bodies, regulatory agencies and academia. In this regard, we are proud of our collaboration with the Government of Tanzania and all stakeholders which have greatly contributed to our advocacy.
The most distinguishing characteristic of our association is the strong support it receives from a membership covering the full spectrum of the domestic industry chain.